Sensos-e Vol: 0  ISSN 2183-1432


This editorial is the starting point of Sensos-e, the Multimedia Journal of Research in Education, of the School of Education, Polytechnic Institute of Porto (ESEIPP).

In the current national and international context, institutional digital repositories and open access journals have come to play an increasingly important role in making scientific research visible. In order to be accessible to anyone, anywhere, at any time, the Sensos-e is an open access journal.

Nowadays, there are online journals that publish in video format to communicate the experimental dimension of scientific research. The websites of some reputed journals combine the traditional format of papers with different multimedia elements. Other online journals, in the field of computers in education for example, publish “executable papers”, in other words, papers that allow running the code of computer applications, thereby reproducing the computational results that are being presented. The multimedia and hypermedia structure of Sensos-e addresses this growing recognition that formats such as video, photography and sound are increasingly necessary to communicate the current scientific research, not only because multimedia is becoming part of research methodologies and of its epistemic objects, but also because those media allow to give voice to educational research participants, facilitating the integration of multi-sensory, emotional and performative dimensions of scientific communication. It should be emphasized that in Sensos-e the papers are built online by the authors.

Number zero of Sensos-e is an exploratory number that aims at opening this journal and illustrating some of its potentialities. It is the result of a call sent to ESEIPP teachers and researchers, and brings together a set of papers from different areas of knowledge within Education. Such papers can subsequently be sent to blind peer review and published in following issues of this journal. Some of those papers report researches that used information and communication technologies, including multimedia ones. In accordance with the goals of this number zero of Sensos-e, all the papers make use of multimedia communication and / or hypertext to improve the transmission of the research process and results.

Author: Maria João Silva - Diretora Editorial