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Sensos-e Journal is an  on-line multimedia periodical of InED – Centre for Research and Innovation in Education of the School of Education, Porto Polytechnic.
It is a multimedia journal in electronic format with the following characteristics: built and edited on-line; transversal and multidisciplinary dissemination within Education, in the broad sense, with a special emphasis on teaching and learning; publication of research works; innovation; development and intervention on different areas and scopes, such as Visual Arts, Sciences of Education, Physical Sciences, Environmental Sciences, Language Sciences and Literature, Sports, Special Needs Education, Cultural Studies, Social Studies, Foreign Languages, Mathematics, Music, Psychology, Supervision, Information, Communication and Multimedia Technologies.
Works that take advantage of the potential of an online digital form publication, by the use of features such as multimedia, colour and hypertext, and by the possibilities of dynamic interaction and collaborative editing.

ISSN 2183-1432

Diretor of Multimedia Prodution: Armando Silva

Indexada em: CAPES/QUALIS (categoria ENSINO, A2 (2015))